Summer 2016: Jason Lee, Salishan, and Summer Camp!

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Madeline McVay (who interned with us this summer, thanks to a great program at University of Puget Sound), was really busy this year! Each day, she could be found at three or four different spaces conducting workshops, hanging out with the kids, and generally being a great influence on the kids. We asked Madeline to write up some short blurbs on her experiences of the program and here’s what she filed:

Jason Lee Middle School Summer Program

At Jason Lee, Write253 worked with middle school students on a summer academy newsletter for their enrichment program. Each week the newsletter was published and given out to students and staff. The newsletter was fully published by the students and they were given complete freedom to do what they want. Some interviewed students or staff members about various topics, like what they think about the summer program at Jason Lee. Others took their passion for anime and created reviews of games or shows that they loved, some even drew pictures and created a story to go along with it! The program was every Monday and Wednesday for one hour, but the kids rotated, so there were the Monday students and the Wednesday students. This program was special because every kid had the chance to work on something they were passionate about. It was amazing to see what students were interested in and to see all their amazing talents!

Salishan Lunch Program

Write253 helped out at the Salishan Community every Tuesday and Thursday. This was after their lunch from 12:30pm until 2pm when snack arrived. This program was a blast because it was all about having fun! There were crafts where some kids made a snow globe or castles, then there were art supplies where they made necklaces or pictures and lots of miscellaneous games like monopoly! The program is a lot of fun because there are all ages and most come with their whole family, which is a lot different than the other programs. These kids showed us their creativity and wild imagination every day and it was a blast!

Summer Camp at Write253

summer camp costumes art museum

Gettin’ goofy at the Tacoma Art Museum

Write253 offers a free summer camp in the Hilltop area for all kids in the area, for kids up through high school. Because it was a free camp we used all of our amazing resources around Tacoma as much as possible! We went to the library for Pokémon training and the kids loved it, we also went and got a tour at 2nd Cycle community bike shop! They went to the YMCA, People’s Park, and Wright Park for free lunches on certain days, otherwise we had food donated from the Salvation Army (that a very generous grandmother went out and got for the camp). As well, we had volunteers with all sorts of specialties come and do workshops with the kids; there was a writing, drawing, and game workshop where we were able to expose every kid’s talents. There were also a few field trips where we went to a farm, garden, and even the Tacoma Art Museum! Every kid brought something wonderful to the camp and made it an amazing summer!

summer camp madeline elijah art museum.jpg

Thank you, Madeline, for all your hard work!



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