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History at a Poetry Slam

At write@253, we are truly thrilled and honored to support a beautiful new project:  the City of Destiny Poetry Slam: Hilltop edition. We can see it now: teens from throughout our community sharing their thoughts on one of our city’s best-known and most beloved neighborhoods, the Hilltop. We can’t wait to hear what our young people have to say.

We think that what makes this project uniquely and wonderfully Tacoma is the care and love with which it has been planned. Local historians and poets will lead four workshops to prepare contestants, ages 12-19, for the May 15 performance at Sure House Church. The top three poets will have custom posters, designed by local artists, that highlight their poems displayed through the city. The May 15 event, which begins at 6 pm, will also feature performances by local hip hop artists and poets. It’s free and open to the public. Sure House Church is located at 901 S. 10th St.

We so appreciate local poets and activists Nicci Montgomery and Michael Haeflinger and Tacoma Historic Preservation Coordinator Lauren Hoogkamer for their vision and work on this poetry slam. To Nicci, Michael and Lauren, this is not a one-shot deal — They want to create a movement of youth poetry and spoken word and an appreciation of the history of our city. It’s likely that similar events will be hosted in other Tacoma neighborhoods.

For more information and to register for the slam, people may contact Lauren at LHoogkamer@cityoftacoma.org or destinycityslams@gmail.com.