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Shy – Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver, Grade 7Drum Intermediate School, WA

Isabella Oliver, Grade 7
Drum Intermediate School, WA

There was once a girl,
so very shy, thin, and weak,
and one day she decides, I’m finally gonna speak.

So there goes the shy girl,
now so very big and proud,
she steps up to the microphone,
the noise then dies down,
she clears her throat and with a deep voice, she finally starts to speak,
“Hello my fellow classmates, my name is Vonneia Le Steek,
I’ve been in your class forever now and my anxiousness is at its very peak,
so here I am a shy, weak girl here to finally speak,
and if you don’t mind now I want you all to say,
“Hey, nice to meet you, you now have gave way,
no matter how pretty you are, you always have to stay.”

There I stayed eight years and counting, finally giving way.
My name is Vonneia Le Steek, and I have finally started to speak.