Fall Is Here — It’s Time to Learn!

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At write@253, we’re calling all volunteers to spread throughout Tacoma: to help students with their paragraphs and parallelism, to lend a hand as they work through their fraction exercises, to guide our high school seniors through the crazy college application process. As always, there is a lot of good, hard work to do in our wonderful town!

Write@253’s after-school homework and writing program will focus on three areas this year:  Hilltop, Salishan and First Creek Middle School. Volunteers are preparing to:

  • Offer after-school homework help and writing activities at our community writing center at 1310 MLK, Jr. Way, Monday-Thursday, from 3-5:30 pm.
  • Offer after-school homework help and writing activities at the Family Investment Center in Salishan, 1724 E. 44th St, Monday-Thursday, from 3-5:30 pm.
  • Lead a newspaper writing staff at First Creek Middle School, Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:45-5 pm.

We are also working hard to recruit volunteers to work with students at Blix Elementary in east Tacoma, a school with committed teachers and staff and great students, who all need more help from the community as they face serious challenges to learning. If you can find an hour a week to help Tacoma students, we’ll find a place for you to volunteer. It’s our city, and we’re all in this together. For more information, contact Mary Fox at mfox@tacomacc.edu.

And coming soon:  More creative, academic and professional writing classes and workshop for students and adults. We loved hosting novelist Peter Bacho and poet Tammy Robacker for creative writing workshops at the center this summer. If you are a writer interested in leading a workshop — or if you have a great idea for one — please contact Mary!


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